What your resume should look like in 2019 (Think Apple. Think Jackie Kennedy.)

By The Work Happy Team

When the ball dropped in New York City on Jan. 1, the race began for employers to attract top new talent. Budgets are fat and hiring plans are top of mind in the board room.

What does that mean for job-seekers?

It’s go time!

We talked with personal branding experts to learn what your resume should look like in 2019. All trends point toward concise resume messaging with a touch of technology built in. Read on for the top 2019 resume trends, put them to work, and secure your career happiness.

[1] When it Comes to Design, Think Apple…Think Jackie Kennedy.

“We’re going to see more clean, modern formats,” said Marilyn Maslin, owner of Denver-based Resume Footprint. “And ones that are really striking from a visual perspective.”

Think Apple. Clean, streamlined, and inviting.

“Apple stores just draw you in with their simple signage and warm lighting. Think warm whites, blacks, grays, and blues if you’re looking to integrate color into your resume.”

Maslin says Jackie Kennedy is a real-life fashion icon that job-seekers can emulate in their resume design. “Her style was so simple yet elegant,” Maslin said. “When done right, simplicity can be your best friend. Combine that with a great story of how you can add value to an organization, and you’ll win every time.”

[2] Video is Hot

What is the hottest trend in marketing today? You guessed it. Video! Think about how you scroll through your favorite social media platforms. If an interesting video catches your eye, you watch it. This is also true in the recruitment industry.

Recruiters and hiring managers love getting to know candidates through video. You can build video into your PDF resume or even attach videos to a resume upload portal. Here are some tips on integrating video into your personal branding approach:

  • Keep it short. Recruiters don’t want your life story. They want a quick snapshot of your personality and background to decide if they’ll be calling you for an interview.
  • Keep it professional. Invest in lighting and a professional background. If hiring managers get a glimpse of your refrigerator or bathroom in the background, you’re not going to win any interviews anytime soon. “We’ve all seen the videos with the background shot of the cat or the kids walking in from school,” Maslin said. “That’s not going to get it done.”

[3] Mind the Hiring Bots.

“The use of robotics in recruitment will continue to increase in 2019,” says Amanda Augustine, Career Advice Expert for TopResume. “Make sure the format and content of your resume are engineered with the hiring bots in mind.”

This includes optimizing your resume. How? Augustine says with “the appropriate keywords, having a Word document version at the ready, and eliminating any embedded images or charts from the document.”

[4] Show – and Tell – a (Career) Story.

Employers want to be able to quickly skim your resume and understand your career narrative. Augustine says, “Be sure that when they take a quick glance, readers will understand the relevant skills and experience you’ve picked up along the way that qualify you for the role you’re currently pursuing.

“Employers want to see proof of your relevant skills. If you list a particular skill that you possess in the top third of your resume, be sure to support this claim by providing a specific example, figure, or case study in your work experience or education sections that illustrates this ability.”

Put These Tips to Work!

When it comes to your 2019 resume rebuild, time is of the essence. Use the advice above as you give your branding documents a fresh review early this year. Phone a friend. Ask an expert. Whatever you do, don’t let a potential dream job pass you by in 2019.

Good luck!